Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yun Mountain

Yun Mountain


Yun Mountain is located 5 kilometers away from , a city in the southwest of , China. Its peak elevation is 1372.5 meters, and the annually average temperature there is 15 ° C. In September 1992, it was approved as a national forest park.


The area has a long history, beginning in the and Dynasties when Buddhists settled there. From the to dynasties, it had developed to be a center of Buddhism in Hunan, with a series of amazing temples housing more than 500 monks.

Natural Resource

It has a rich animal and plant resources. Within the 3,118 hectares vegetation area, there is an original secondary of more than 200 hectares. In 1921 an Austrian botanist discovered more than 80 new plant species in Yun Mountain, including 20 species named by Yunshan. So far, we have knownthat, there are 1,518 species of plants and 211 species of animals found in Yun Mountain, including 10 rare species of animals and plants under special protection.

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