Saturday, September 13, 2008


Laoshan is a famous mountain in Shandong , China. It lies about 30km east of the city of Qingdao, and is an important tourist destination. It is the highest coastal mountain in China, peaking at 1113 meters. It is known as the birthplace of Taoism.


Laoshan has been an important center of Taoism in China for many centuries. In 412 the Chinese pilgrim Faxian landed at Laoshan on his return from India.

Tourism and culture

Most of the mountains numerous palaces, Taoist temples, and nunneries have not survived to the present. Taiqing Palace Taoism Temple , built during the , is the largest. Sanhuang Palace, part of the Taiging complex, has two ancient Cypress trees, said to have been planted during the Han Dynasty.

Many gamblers visit Laoshan for the famous tree located in the mountain, as it is said that three pats of the tree's trunk will bring instant luck for those seeking money.

Tsingtao Brewery is made famous because its beer is said to be brewed with Laoshan spring water.

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